July 31, 2006

less is more

While Sunny Hundal continues to be Comment Is Free's star columnist with a well argued piece against the censorship threatened by the Brick Lane brouhaha there is also another piece that would be worth reading. This one is about what happened after the fall of the soviet union, I would specifically direct you attention to this passage
The 90s decade that preceded Paton Walsh's tour of duty was one that saw, in the Slav states as well as elsewhere, a comprehensive hollowing out of communism and the command economy. I argued at the time that the fact that a large part of the upper and lower Soviet nomenklatura was engaged in various forms of plunder and scams assured a peaceful "transition" rather better than the succeeding IMF, World Bank and western-organised packages, which were the main media of conversation between Russia and the western states. And while it is true, as he says, that President Boris Yeltsin was probably more lethal to his administration sober and active than (as he so often was) drunk and deeply depressed
The chaotic structures that evolve themselves as people interact better than the packaged plans crafted in the lofty halls of IMF and World Bank? People do better with less government? There is a useful lesson there.


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